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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Sixteen]

Sorry if I bore people cause of this :)
Fara7 stood there, in front of her dresser, her long curls were intact, her red lipstick wasnt smudged, and her eyeliner wasn't seeping. That's the way she was, and the way she knew she would always stay, picture perfect.

She wore her washed up skinny jeans and cocktail top with a jacket, which she wasn't planning on taking off.
She suddenly saw her phone flashing followed by her "Down" ringtone. Fara7 stood with a smile on her face, waiting for her favourite part to come up,
i love this part! thought Fara7, she was so into the song that she almost forgot about the fact that her phone was ringing. She quickly stopped nodding her head to the music and answered as fast as she could.

"Dude, you're favourite part was over like 20 seconds ago what took you so long?"
"Nothingg" said Fara7 sighing dreamily...
"Uhmm...ok? I'm outside. Nzlay ta7at laa kaf ok?"
Jana wasn't in the mood to wait, she wanted to get there as soon as possible.

As Fara7 got into the car and slipped into her seat, she glanced over at Jana - who by the way looked stunning. She was glowing! She had on a puffy white shirt and dark jeans, but more importantly she had a beautiful smile from one ear to the other.

"I hate you..!"
"What? Why?" Said Jana confused,
" You look STUNNING! S3oud is never gonna notice me!" Asnwered Fara7 pulling a sad face.
"Fara7, I don't look half as good as you. And it doesn't matter what i wear, it's obvious S3oud's into you.."She went on, she really wanted her cousin to be happy.

Fara7 smiled at Jana, and gave her a kiss on her cheek.Jana felt something sticky attached to where Fara7 had previously pecked, she looked over at the mirror to see that Fara7 left an extremely clear mark from her bright red lipstick. Jana reached over to smudge it off when Fara7 grasped her hand quickly,
"Laa2!" Hissed Fara7,
"It looks sexy!" Said Fara7 devilishly,
Wow, SOMEONE'S in a good mood tonight, thought Jana as she smirked at her cousin.

Yousef glanced at the door for the 24th time,
I SO know it's Fara7! Thought Yousef to himself.
"Dude ..chill." Said S3oud to Yousef, who was kept tapping his foot annoyingly.
"I can't , I can't really wait..."
While on the other hand S3oud wanted to wait more than anything, he wasn't really up for this dare. He knew that Fara7 was probably a nice girl though he didn't know her well, he just wasn't in the mood to play games...

"OUF ! That's it i'm calling her!" Said Yousef in a frenzy
"Gltlk have patience!"
" I can't , I can't , I can't I c...Holy mother of everything great..." He said in trance as he saw to precious looking diamonds walk in the room...
Unconciously, both S3oud and Yousef stood up slowly,
and said together,
"H-h-h-hi Jana, H-h-h-h-h-h-h-ii Fara7..."

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Fifteen]

We switch over to the guys :)
"I CAN NOT believe you actually agreed to spend a minute with that pychotic clone of a girl!" Screamed Yousef at his best friend in the car,

S3oud just laughed,"Dude, they both sound nice. And it won't do us any harm ya3ni..."

"No harm?NO HARM? Believe me,when Fara7 is involved...harm MUST be done !"He yelled,

"3ala il a8al try going out again. May9eer bas ta7kir nafsk bl bait...it's unhealthy. W after what happened ya3ni you should..."S3oud tried to continue but was cut off by Yousef,

"DON'T bring it up S3oud, I went through hell forgetting about it...It'll be hell remembering it again." Said Yousef staring at his feet...

"Man, i'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that I.."But once again S3oud was cut off.

"It's alright...anyways...which one do you like?" Suddenly asked Yousef,

S3oud was shocked by Yousef's question, quite shocked that he forgot about the red light they had stopped at perviously, which had turned green and in no time at all all the drivers behind them had begun to gang up on them. S3oud quickly regained his thoughts and stepped on the pedal.

"What?"Replied S3oud
"I said, which one of them do you like?" Repeated Yousef.
"I don't even know them, isn't that the whole point of going out? Getting to know them?"Explained S3oud...
"Be honest. Yeah okay, you don't know them, but which one of them would you prefer?"
"I don't know really, they're both cute."

Suddenly Yousef looked around as if he was checking that no one was there, although it was quite a silly thing to do since they were in a closed car, and he leaned in closer to S3oud...

S3oud on the other hand was busy driving , but he could see Yousef from the corner of his eye.

"Listen S3oud, it seems to me that Fara7 likes you.."
S3oud took his eyes off the road and glanced at Yousef in shock,
"You think so?" He said trying to maintain his balance on the road.
"Yeah, don't tell me you're interested?" Groaned Yousef,
"Yousef, gltlk...I don't know her!" Said S3oud for the last time,
"Inzain, I DARE YOU to "get to know her" -which you eventually will. And ask her out.."
"NO NOT AGAIN!"Sighed S3oud...

Him an Yousef took dares EXTREMELY seriously, it was something they always did as kids...they dared eachother to do things, and not ONCE did neither of them turn down a dare. NEVER.

"Come on S3oud, I only picked her cause she's a challenge... TRUST ME, I know" Said Yousef,
"And ya3ni you have nothing to lose. It'll be easy cause you don't LOVE HER !"Whined Yousef, he knew how to get to poeple.

S3oud remained quiet,
"S3oud...? Yalla bro..."
"Fine, i'll do it.."
And he looked at Yousef and they both gave a small chuckle as if they had their own private inside joke, and drove back home.

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Fourteen]

Hey guys, sorry i haven't posted anything for a while,been busy:)
"WHAT?!"Cried Yousef, he looked over to see a smile drawn on Fara7's face, from one cheeck to the other.

"Umm, that's ....really nice of you,Jana. I would love to, get to know you guys a little better." S3oud said while sneaking a peek at Fara7's gorgeous face.

"Trust me, you don't want to know this one..."Yousef snickered.

"What a jerk" thought Fara7 as she boiled inside...

"Well that's settled, let's go out!" Cried Jana before anyone could have any second thoughts.

"Where'd you wanna go?"S3oud asked Fara7,

"Oh GOD ! Can he get anymore perfect?!" Thought Fara7 to herself.

Whilst Fara7 went on dreaming about what COULD be, Jana had to focus on what was happening NOW. They had all agreed to meet at Fridays at Marina Cressent. And Jana could still not get over what she had just done, she had invited out two strangers she barely knows out to dinner at Fridays...and she was pretty sure there was going to be murder involved.

"OH MY GOD JANA ! I-I-I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR !" She yelled , echoing across the empty living room...
Jana stared at her cousin in aw.
"I'm sorry. YOU? HAVE NOTHING? TO WEAR?" She said with bulging eyes,

"YEAH!" Shrieked Fara7,
"No 7ayatii, Believe me, you have plenty"
"and how would YOU know?"
"Cause i've seen yur closet, correction...CLOSETS"
Fara7 then gave a devilish grin, " But what can I do Jana? Ya3ni do you blame me for being nervous?! S3oud is HOTT!"

Jana just stared at her cousin, wasn't Fara7 supposed to be the responsible one?

" I mean, that gorgeous body, and those sexy eyes!" Fara7 continued...

"Fara7! Can you get you're head out of the clouds for a moment? We have a little speed bump ahead..." Said Jana in a worried tone...
"Speed bump? By the way things are looking, its more of a disaster...called Yousef."

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Thirteen]

S3oud blinked, once,twice, many many times.
He knew what coincidences were, this wasn't a coincidence, it was beyond that...

"H-H-H-Hi, S3oud..." repeated Jana. "Oh God, did I just greet him twice?!" She yelled at herself deep inside as she blushed like crazy. What were the odds? S3oud, the guy she shared an extremely random conversation with about food yesterday, lands on her doorstep in some twist of fate.


Fara7 couldn't blink, no way could she ever blink at the sight of THAT! He was so, manly. And chizzled. She slid herself seductively close to where S3oud was standing, trying hard not to look so eager,"Jana! Yalla don't stand there, we have to go.." She said looking S3oud dead in the eyes. And surprisingly he didn't do what she knew most guys would do. What she expected them to do.

Most guys smile and nod, probably thinking about what they were gonna come up with to tell their friends about this chick that was staring at them and wanted them so bad, then chase her till she plans on committing suicide.

But S3oud didn't appear to be doing that, he just stared at her back, nothing in his eyes said that he was maybe enjoying it,he was just blank, then looked away.

Fara7 was shocked, she never got that kind of feedback from a guy before. Fara7 wasn't the type to flirt, or to flirt back for that matter, even though she also looked extremely attractive. With black hair and sharp cheekbones on a thin frame, it was safe to say she could easily pass for being a model.

Back to the subject, when Fara7 , on the rare occasions, scratch that...EXTREMELY SCARCE OCCASIONS, would flirt, she expects the guy to melt down in his shoes, and she was never disappointed. Until now...

S3oud, on the other hand, realized that he hadn't said a word. And thought it would be better to break through the awkward atmosphere,"Um, Jana?..." He said, he certainly didn't expect to see her while picking up Yousef.

"Yeah...It's great to see you!" She said as she drew a wide smile on her face, "The feeling's mutual" He replied slyly, then he looked at what seemed to be this MODEL standing before him, "I'm S3oud," He held out his hand for her to shake.

Fara7 played slick right back to him, she squinted her eyes a fraction, looked down at his hand and slipped her hand into it, just like a puzzle. The shake lasted longer than she expected...

When all of a sudden, the sparks flying between S3oud and Fara7 were interrupted by Yousef as he pushed through Fara7.Breaking the bond.

"Alla bl 5air." S3oud greeted Yousef with open arms, they were obviously extremely close, "E7mm"Blushed Yousef mimicking some spoiled girl.

In the midst of that little "reunion", Jana had a lightbulb ...

Jana was the type to notice many many things. She could tell when someone was lying(most of the time), when someone's playing hard to get, when people are trying to cover something up, but it didn't take someone like Jana to figure out that Fara7 and S3oud obviously had chemistry going on. And it was about time Fara7 got back into the game.....

Suddenly, the small talk and chitter chatter between a glaring Yousef, and perky S3oud and Fara7 was interupted by Jana,
"So...If you guys aren't busy, we can all go out and do something if you'd like...as a treat you know?"...

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Twelve]

Heyy ! This blog is gonna be from FARA7'S point of view... Enjoyy!
"This CAN NOT be happening," thought Fara7,
No No No No No No No NO!" She continued, what was HE doing here?!

She stared at Yousef open mouthed, and finally caught her breath to force out "What the hell are you doing here?!" She literally felt steam blowing out of her ears.

Yousef was still wide eyed, "Me?! INTAY laish hni?!" He returned the gesture, and not very nicely...

Yousef and Fara7 are sworn enemies, they used to be in the same school, and used to battle over who was smarter, stronger, more logical, and just about who was better in everything. They eventually got accepted in the same University, and it's been war ever since.

"This is my cousin's house! Inta shyaabik?!" She thought to herself maybe A7mad made a new friend, "What the hell is wrong with me?! A7mad's 5!" she muttered to herself under her breath.

"Jana is YOUR cousin?" His jaw dropped... Jana, and Fara7, RELATED?!"Why is that so hard to believe ya3ni?" She stuck her eyebrows together, she didn't appreciate his tone."Oh no nothing, just the fact that Jana's pracitically an angel while you would probably hit it off with Hitler" He said giving her a devilish wink,"Laa inta tabi titma95ar !" She was filled with rage.

Just then Jana walked in disbelief...

"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" They both yelled,

Fara7 was usually TERRIFYING when she got pissed, but in some way , Jana thought it was quite cute, the way two people who despised each other are forced into a room together, classical reality t.v.

Fara7 grabbed Jana's wrist and headed for the kitchen,"Excuse us"Jana said with a dramatic smile.

"EXPLAIN...NOW" Fara7 was having one of her melt downs, she breathed in and out just like the doctor told her, like the last time she had a break down she had to go to the hospital cause no one could get her to relax again, and guess what THAT was about... Thw wrong coloured tulips were delivered for her birthday party . :)

"Fara7, calm down...It's just this guy who helped me out in Carrefour, and he got beat up real bad in the parking lot by this sick B word, and he didn't have a car, so I offered to give him a ride and he could relax here while he waits for someone to pick him up !" She explained, breathing in deeply.

"OH !" Answered back Fara7, "THANKGOD! I thought you were actually...YOU KNOW...with him or something..."She said holding a hand to her heart, "Yeah,wait...You know him or something?" She had forgotten to ask Fara7...

"Unfortunately, I do." She said wearing a very sarcastic look on her face,"I know him all too well.." She went on, but before she could continue...

"OOOOHHH ! So THAT'S the Yousef you kept talking about?! The one that you swore you would hate for the rest of your life?" Jana couldn't help but crack a smile, this should be interesting! Fara7 nodded with sorrow.

"Well Fara7, I never really imagined geeky competitive Yousef to be that good looking." She said nudging Fara7's shoulder flirtatiously.

"Ew." Was all Fara7 could say, she didn't care how hott someone appeared to be, if you know they're someone that obviously wouldn't respect you, it didn't matter...
Although she couldn't really DENY the fact he was hott, she just meant ew as in...
Ew I wouldn't ever think about it...

Suddenly Yousef appeared at the arch for the kitchen, "Inshalla ma t7ishoun feeni shthi ya3ni!" He said with a goofy grin on his face...
Jana laughed while Fara7 immitated him silently.

Suddenly the door bell rang, "That must be my friend," Exclaimed Yousef,
"Ok, i'll get it." Jana rushed to open the door, leaving Fara7 and Yousef alone in the kitchen, hopefully they won't kill each other while she's gone...

"So, long time, no chat.." Said Yousef, he hated silence.
"Oh i'm sorry you must mean long time no hwaash right?" She said smiling showing her perfect white teeth.
"Yeah well you know, i've been really busy, studying, can't really waste my time with yahal can I?" He said winking at her again.

"I could tear those eyes out.." Thought Fara7, she really was disappointed with his attitude.Instead she said " Whatever Yousef, save il kalam il faa'6y for someone that cares." She slowly walked passed him to see who was at the door.

She walked out into the front door foryer, to see Jana, completely starstuck by who was at the door...

Although Fara7 couldn't see who she was staring at silently, she suddenly heard Jana stutter,
"H, H, H,Hi ..S3oud."

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Eleven]

"Linda! Ta3alay!" Echoed Jana's voice as they walked into the huge house.
"Yes Madame" She said , glaring at Yousef who was a complete stranger to her,
"Get us some ice please.."Gesturing to Yousef's swollen lip.

"Jana, you really don't have to, walla i'm fine...." He started, he really didn't know why she was being nice, but he sure as hell appreciated it, "Yousef, you were beat up...ALOT. It's not my problem if you don't know how to stand up for yourself!" She stuck her tongue out teasing him, Yousef gave her a surprised look shaping his mouth like a big "O","No.You.Di2int."She said poutting his lips together angrily, "Oh yes I did!" She said nodding.

Linda soon walked in with a small white towel containing ice,"Thank you Linda!"Cried Jana in a very angelic way,widening her eyes and fluttering her eye lashes ...
She turned around to face Yousef and slapped the ice onto his busted lip,"HEY INTAY! NAWYA 3ALA NAFSICH?!"He said trying to look serious, but he knew she could tell he was only kidding around.

Yousef pulled out his phone to call his friend to pick him up.

"Hala bu Ya3goub?! Shlonikk?" Jana heard a manly voice say through the speakers, though it sounded very familiar...

Jana steadily picked herself off of the couch to leave Yousef to have his own conversation. She steered into the kitchen and reached into the fridge to grab a bottle of apple juice, when she suddenly remembered....FARA7 !

She was supposed to come over to her house today so they could pick up a new dress for some wedding they were going to in a couple of days, it was already 4;oo pm, she would be arriving any time soon...

The bell rang.

Jana's face struck a surprised pose, her blood went cold and her lips dry, as she heard the clicking of high heels enter the hall, and a high pitched voice gasp...

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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Ten]

Yousef held his breath in as he got punched again by Fawaz, another blow to the stomach.

"Ana awareek ya Yousef!" He said as he bent over to keep his hand pressed to Yousef's stomach,"3abaalik rayaal inta?!" He said furiously,
"Fawaz, ma9aar shay baini w bain Haya, 9adigny..."He cried helplessly, why wouldn't he believe him?!

"Bs shift'haa bl soug w salamt 3alaihaa !", He tried to stand up properly, but it was like gravity(more like Fawaz) wouldn't let him, he never had the chance to fight back.
"La walla? Shayifni 7mar ana ba9adig?!...Bs hayin ya Yousef, ana bawareek!" He stretched out his hand to punch Yousef again with his large hands...

Yousef tried to pull his swollen hands up to cover his face, but he soon realized he didn't need to.

Jana watched the gruesome happenenings...HAPPEN.
She just sat there for a second, scared.
Then before she knew it, she was out the door, running towards Yousef and the big angry guy with her purse in hand.

Suddenly Fawaz felt something light but hard hit his back, he pushed Yousef to the car and looked around to see this little familiar figure standing right in front of him,
scared to death...

Fawaz knew she would never be a match to him to he just laughed at her and turned around.
What he didn't know was that Jana was quite a stubborn person, even if she wasn't in her right mind...

Without thinking , Jana confronted gravity and jumped up on Fawaz's big bear back. Fawaz struggled to shake her off as she tried to place her hands over his eyes. Fawaz couldn't balance himself right, so he almost fell flat on Jana, instead he stumbled and Jana's back was thrown onto the side of a car, he moved forward to Yousef knowing that Jana wasn't going to be moving after the blow to her back.

But when he looked over to continue his progress with Yousef he found himself facing a Yousef that was full of rage and on his own two feet, suddenly, Fawaz's eyes were filled with both fear and regret...
"Yousef, we can talk this over..."He said backing away,
"No Fawaz. Taking's not a part of you're system, ma yinfa3 wiyaak." And in a blink of an eye Yousef threw out all his anger in one punch to Fawaz's face.

Fawaz fell flat on his stomach in front of a frightened Jana...

"Jana, are you okay?!" He asked worriedly as he helped her up, and walked her away from Fawaz as he tried to make his way back up.

They both got into Jana's car,
"Jana, let me drive, you can't drive after seeing that,"He said to her, so they switched seats...Jana still, very quiet.

As they drove out into the road, the silence was broken,"Yousef, I know it's none of my business, but what in god's name was going on in there?!" She asked, looking like she was to afraid of the answer. Yousef looked at her and smiled, "Well, see...Fawaz is my friend, well, USED to be my friend. And 9aratla salfa with his girlfriend, a day after that I honestly just saw her walking around in a mall so I said hi, nothing more.I don't know how Fawaz found out about that, but he seems determined to prove some sick point of his." He said looking more serious,

"Oh, "She said avoiding eye contact.
"It's okay, well look at it this way. You saved me !"He said shooting one of those smiles at her,"Well yeah,"she laughed,"just cause you saved me first!" They both laughed...

When Yousef finally got to Jana's house, it got quiet again, "So, you didn't really notice that we ran away so fast that you forgot your car or something.."She said giving him one of those what-you-did-was-kinda-stupid looks."COME ON ! I wasn't THAT scared Jana! I came by taxi...I think I would have thought about my car!"He said giving her that look back,"Yeah well, you could have thought about how you're gonna get home!" She replied, just then she noticed Yousef bleeding, and before he could answer she screamed" YOUSEF ! Oh my god you're lip's bleeding,"Yousef put on a confused face , and touched his lip,"Oh, you're right.."He said with no emotion.

"I've got an idea, how about you come inside and i'll get you some ice, while you call a cab to come pick you up,"She said with a grin, although Yousef looked very reluctant, "Umm,is that okay?.."He asked unsure...
"It's fine!"...