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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Fifteen]

We switch over to the guys :)
"I CAN NOT believe you actually agreed to spend a minute with that pychotic clone of a girl!" Screamed Yousef at his best friend in the car,

S3oud just laughed,"Dude, they both sound nice. And it won't do us any harm ya3ni..."

"No harm?NO HARM? Believe me,when Fara7 is involved...harm MUST be done !"He yelled,

"3ala il a8al try going out again. May9eer bas ta7kir nafsk bl bait...it's unhealthy. W after what happened ya3ni you should..."S3oud tried to continue but was cut off by Yousef,

"DON'T bring it up S3oud, I went through hell forgetting about it...It'll be hell remembering it again." Said Yousef staring at his feet...

"Man, i'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that I.."But once again S3oud was cut off.

"It's alright...anyways...which one do you like?" Suddenly asked Yousef,

S3oud was shocked by Yousef's question, quite shocked that he forgot about the red light they had stopped at perviously, which had turned green and in no time at all all the drivers behind them had begun to gang up on them. S3oud quickly regained his thoughts and stepped on the pedal.

"What?"Replied S3oud
"I said, which one of them do you like?" Repeated Yousef.
"I don't even know them, isn't that the whole point of going out? Getting to know them?"Explained S3oud...
"Be honest. Yeah okay, you don't know them, but which one of them would you prefer?"
"I don't know really, they're both cute."

Suddenly Yousef looked around as if he was checking that no one was there, although it was quite a silly thing to do since they were in a closed car, and he leaned in closer to S3oud...

S3oud on the other hand was busy driving , but he could see Yousef from the corner of his eye.

"Listen S3oud, it seems to me that Fara7 likes you.."
S3oud took his eyes off the road and glanced at Yousef in shock,
"You think so?" He said trying to maintain his balance on the road.
"Yeah, don't tell me you're interested?" Groaned Yousef,
"Yousef, gltlk...I don't know her!" Said S3oud for the last time,
"Inzain, I DARE YOU to "get to know her" -which you eventually will. And ask her out.."
"NO NOT AGAIN!"Sighed S3oud...

Him an Yousef took dares EXTREMELY seriously, it was something they always did as kids...they dared eachother to do things, and not ONCE did neither of them turn down a dare. NEVER.

"Come on S3oud, I only picked her cause she's a challenge... TRUST ME, I know" Said Yousef,
"And ya3ni you have nothing to lose. It'll be easy cause you don't LOVE HER !"Whined Yousef, he knew how to get to poeple.

S3oud remained quiet,
"S3oud...? Yalla bro..."
"Fine, i'll do it.."
And he looked at Yousef and they both gave a small chuckle as if they had their own private inside joke, and drove back home.

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