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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Eight]

Jana walked through the aisles of Carrefour, looking for something that might grab her attention, she needed some sugar. Galaxy, Kitkat, Dairy Milk, Nerds,M&Ms,Skittles...ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

When she walked in she had no idea she was going to grab as much as she did, so she didn't even bother to get herself at least a basket. So at the moment Jana looked like a sugar obsessed freak cradling the candy in both her arms.

In the midst of all the madness, and all her post-sugar rushes, she got thirsty. So she stumbled her way to the drink, scratch that....FIZZY DRINKS.

After grabbing a bottle of orange Fanta, she thought it would be safe to grab a bottle of water just in case, the most logical thing she's done so far.

As she walked , focusing all her attention on how the hell she was gonna manage with this huge pile of candy cradled in her arms and two large bottles of liquid. She was struggling, it was getting harder for her to hold on to everything. Her breath got shorter, she stuck her arms tighter to her chest, she tried to hold the bottles tighter, but they were slipping away.

Just then, she stopped dead in her tracks, to wait for the orange Fanta to fall, it slipped right through her fingers,"Here goes the mess" She thought with her eyes closed. She didn't hear anything, no crash, no splat, no gasps, no assistants running to clean it up, nothing. She opened up her eyes to see if maybe magically someone slipped a water bed under where her hand was placed.No, no water bed.

"Are you okay?" Asked the man that had heroically saved her precious Fanta bottle from making a major market mess. She just stared at him ,bottle in hand, she stared in disbelief.THAT WAS LUCKY she thought.

"I'm fine. Thanks for helping me out I..." Before she could continue he emptied the very few contents of his shopping basket and gestured for her to litter her things in it.


She was so taken back by his manners that she didn't take the time to notice how adorable he was, he had beautiful Hazel eyes...and short brown hair.

"Oh no Jana! Don't ! NOT AGAIN!" Jana thought. Jana held herself back from showing any extra unnecessary signs of affection towards her hero."I'm Yousef," He smiled,
He looked really cute...

And before she knew it, he had offered to walk her out safely, he said that she "seemed too delicate to carry that all by herself"...Now COME ON ! That's nice...

So as they walked out to the parking lot, Jana was pleased to see that he wasn't the very 'silent but lethal' type that 3abdalla was, he cracked her up all the way to her car.

So there they were, standing in front of her car, smiling at eachother like goof balls...
"Well, I guess this is goodbye," she said distantly, she thought he was nice and all, but she thought 3abdalla was nice too, and look how great that turned out of her huh?
It's been a long day and all she wants to do is go home and bury herself in the covers and regret every coming out of them.

"Yeah , nice meeting you" He said with a smile, a very disapointed one...

Just as she turned around to look for her keys in her purse, facing the car mirror, she noticed something in the mirror ...

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