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Trouble Is Her Only Company...[Part .Six]

Jana walked over to the podium, looking endlessly for 3abdalla, her gaze went far all around the restaurant,"Excuse me miss,may I help ..?" Asked the Filipino waiter,
She stared at him blankly.It had just hit her, he stood her up.

She didn't answer the waiter, she just turned around and made her way to the exit, the same way she entered.

When suddenly she bumped into someone...3ABDALLA!

"Jana?! Hey ! Sorry i'm a little late." He explained. Jana didn't care, she just grinned at him widely, she was so happy he hadn't stood her up!"Umm, why were you about to leave?" Jana quickly wiped that smile off her face..."Uh, well...I just thought I forgot something in my car, but I didn't..."She said while looking at 3abdalla's face get confused,"Walla 6ila3tay it3arfeen shlon itrag3een!" He teased, Jana laughed although she was still quite embarassed.

The Filipino waiter that Jana had seen seconds ago had vanished and another one had replaced him, and sat Jana and 3abdalla down. Jana stared at 3abdalla, he didn't shave this morning,she could tell. But he looked hotter than ever, he was wearing a tight v-neck t-shirt, with dark jeans. Although 3abdalla looked even more amazing than he did last time she daydreamed about him, something was different.Something was wrong.

Jana stared at 3abdalla for so long as he struggled to figure out what to order,and she struggled to figure out what it was exactly that was 'wrong'.There was just something about him, or maybe it was something to do with her, but either way, she didn't feel so comfortable.

After they ordered and had a little small talk, with Jana still feeling uncomfortable, she fidgeted. That's what she does when she's nervous, "I can tell you're not used to this" He joked, "Used to what exactly?" She said , pressing her lips together in what she knew was a very attractive way. He was quite, he just looked at her with those deep brown eyes, but even his eyes looks different, PHYSICALLY they were practically just the same as last time just a little swollen since it was early, but deep down, although his eyes made her feel like Jell-O, those brown eyes did nothing to her.

The food finally arrived."We have a problem" thought Jana. She wasn't used to eating in front of people she didn't really know, especially attractive ones, ones she liked, even though there WAS something bothering her, he was still a stranger, and a hott one at that. So Jana swallowed down her pride and ate as a carefully as she could.

"So? What is it Jana that you do? Or are you still in college? How old are you? Any siblings? Favourite colour?!" He Smiled at her widely again,"Talk show much?!"Joked Jana,"The least you an do is answer" He said faking a sad face, "Well, I don't DO anything really,I'm still in college, I'm 18 at the moment, I have on brother A7mad and he's five, and my favourite colour has to be orange!" She said in a very posh British accent,"What about you?" She questioned him,"Me?! Well I don't do anything too, I dropped out of college last year, i'm 2o , only child, and my favourite colour is black" He said winking at her, and smiling as if he was proud of all his 'great accomplishments'. The smile that was previously drawn on Jana's face was wiped off. Her next question was quite cheeky , but what the hell right?"So if you're not working, and you're not in college, what do you think you're gonna do if you don't think that's important?" She asked very seriously, Jana was very serious about her education, she never took that for granted."I don't think it's NECESSARY, so what if I don't get a diploma to impress employers? I'm going to work in my dad's company anyways, so it doesn't matter."He answered carelessly. Jana was officially annoyed. She dropped the subject and made up some random excuse for her to leave.

"Oh.Okay, see you later sexy!" He said with a wink, "And may I add that you look completely ravishing this afternoon..." He continued, and normally, Jana would have blushed at that sentence coming from 3abdalla's soft lips, but all she wanted to do was get away as soon as possible, before she could make things worse.

Jana ran out of Fudruckers and was dismayed when he realized she had forgotten her purse back at her and 3abdalla's table. She didn't want to go back again, but she had to,she waited in her car for 3abdalla to leave but he didn't, "Maybe he took a walk," she said to herself.Either way, she couldn't just leave her purse in there.

Jana silently prayed for 3abdalla to be in the bathroom, tough luck.

Oh 3abdalla was there alright, and he wasn't alone...

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